Our Guarantee

Buying furniture presents a long-term commitment, so finding that one special design is never an easy decision. And once you do make your choice, it is only understandable that you expect your new centrepiece to last for many years to come. We perfectly understand that. And in order to further emphasise our firm dedication to premium quality of all of our products, we made sure that each and every one of them comes with a full guarantee covering a period of 10 years.

With a team of engineers and experts in materials science that carefully examines each batch of raw resources used in the production of our designs and strict quality control procedures conducted at two crucial points in our supply chain, we have absolute confidence in the premium quality of our designs.

Anything else in the fine print?

No need to worry, our detailed policy when it comes to guarantee will only provide you with some additional details that you should be aware of before making your purchase. In an unlikely scenario that you are not completely satisfied with your new design, feel free to contact us and we will help you file a claim. The whole process is very simple and we always aim to find a resolution that will work for both of us.

What is not covered by the guarantee?

Our guarantee applies to each and every one of our products, without exception. It covers all the production defects as well as any issues caused by the low quality of the material or poor workmanship. In other words, if your product becomes damaged, the issue will be covered by the guarantee as long as you used it in the proper way. This means that we cannot cover the damage caused by misuse, accidents, unpacking or reasonable wear and tear.