If you look at any modern home nowadays, whether it is a multi-million dollar mansion or a normal family home, you will notice that most of them have Scandinavian designs incorporated in their interiors.

What this means is that the Nordic style is universal for all social classes and types of modern homes.

It is primarily based on simplicity and quality. Rather than being flashy and over the top, the aesthetic of these furniture pieces lean towards minimalism.

You’ve probably at least once considered buying a Scandinavian-based furniture piece. If you had any doubts this article is here to clear them up.

Here, we want to explain to you how many years of culture, tradition, and quality resulted in what we know today as the biggest design structure in the world.

Let’s dive into the topics:

1. A Brief History

2. The Art Of Minimalism

3. Most Popular Pieces


Even though Scandinavian design reached its peak a couple of years ago, the origins go much far deeper.

This popular style emerged in the 1950s together with the modernist movement in America and Europe. It focused on affordable and sleek interiors and furnishings.

With the accent on neutral colors, minimalistic design and clean lines Scandinavian style focused on coziness due to the Nordic region’s cold winters. In order to maximize the light in every room, this type of design started prioritizing pale walls, flooring, and spaces free of clutter and ornamentation.

The designers that put their mark as the most influential were Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, and Finn Juhl. They often used many different materials in their furnishings like rosewood, ash, and birch. This allowed warmth to come in without being overly rustic.

Today, Scandinavian furniture is timeless and beautiful. It is made of strictly natural materials that bring the best out of any interior. Its long tradition brings the quality that is definitely here to stay for many generations to come.


It has been often discussed why Nordic minimalism became such a popular design in the world and is still going strong today.

The answer is very simple, just like the design. Clean lines and effortless aesthetics make the interior more spacious and bright.

Before, designers focused more on those glamorous standoffish pieces that were exclusive for one class. Today, Scandi design has found the way around that by creating a philosophy that allows any type of modern home to apply it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a million-dollar mansion or a nice-looking family home, your furniture will fit in any kind of interior. This diversity is also one of the reasons why this style became so popular across the world.

One of the greatest advantages of Scandi design is also how it blends into the interior instead of popping off.

That way, every piece of furniture creates one whole, with the focal point being the exception.
Usually, this focal point is a lounge chair or a ceiling lamp, but even so, they perfectly blend into the whole.


So maybe you saw some modern homes that have Scandinavian style incorporated in their interior and you liked it.

But now you are wondering which ones should you have in your home or what are the most popular pieces.

Whether you are looking to buy or just browsing there are a couple of Scandi pieces that are considered classics:

– Danish Dining Chair

The Danish Dining chair has been one of the most popular pieces of modern Scandinavian style for many years, standing proudly as an essential in almost any modern home. Many have tried to understand what are the traits that made this work of art so wanted by thousands of customers around the globe.

There are a couple of interesting factors that have directly influenced the fame of this unique and modern chair.

There are many reasons for their quality and such high demand in production.

One of them is that the model itself is very well balanced between the affordable overall price and the overall standard which is made sure to be world-class due to pieces being handmade.

The back itself is made from one piece which makes it very difficult to be broken while all the other components perfectly show how well the whole structure of the chair is made to bring you maximum comfort during any occasion.

– Tulip Table

A simplistic yet unique form that is combined with a clear modern touch of design brings some of the best pieces of premium Scandinavian mid-century furniture flourish in your home.

What makes Tulip Table so special is how well he goes with some of the classics like the Danish Dining chair.

Also, different types of marble that are incorporated in its structure were used to create some of the most popular pieces of the modern renaissance.

– Office Chair

Yes, you heard it right. Scandinavian designed office chairs are getting more and more famous in businesses and modern homes.

Designed to be a perfect companion during your working day, this chair is excellent for any work-from-home type of environment.

Depending on your personal preferences there are several types of office chairs that you can choose from to match the size, shape, and colors that you need.

What makes these types of office chairs stand out from the competition is their ergonomic seats, x stitching, and backrest. This gives unmatched comfort to your back while making sure that there is a constant airflow that prevents you from sweating during a long day at work.