One of the best traits that Scandinavian design has is its simplistic aesthetics that long ago transcended boundaries other styles didn’t. It is the type of style that can be implemented in most luxurious types of homes, but also any other modern home.

Prince Nikolai of Denmark is a big lover of Nordic interior decor, and he doesn’t hide it either. We peeked into his apartment and came to an interesting conclusion. It has so many elements that you can implement in your home as well.

Yes, we know it is hard to believe but that is the biggest advantage that the Scandinavian style has. It is not exclusive to one particular class, but it still makes every space look more high-end.

In this article, we want to show you how you too can make a royal-looking interior in your home as well, just like Prince Nikolai.


If you take a closer look at the young prince’s dining room you will notice that it has a very simplistic yet luxurious design.

What makes a room stand out from the ordinary is the effortless aesthetic that you can often see in fashion brands popular across the world.

The focal point of Nikolai’s dining room is his table and he made sure to decorate it in a very fancy way. He placed a couple of wine glasses, and interior plants at the table while green velvet chairs fill in the blanks around it.

This extra effort highlights the table as the main part of the room, while wall art adds a bit of character that is needed to make his room stand out from the ordinary.


Many are convinced that the more furniture and accessories you have in your living room the more luxurious it looks. That’s not quite true.
In reality, minimalistic low effort living rooms look the most high-end.

Nikolai knows this very well, and his living room also has a couple of decor tricks you can use:

– Interior Plants, and More Interior Plants

We want to hammer in how important it is to have some nice-looking plants in your home. Prince of Denmark’s common room has a lovely vase in the center and a couple more on the windows.

Explore your space to see where is the best spot to plant a plant (see what we did there).

– Wall art and Minimalism

As in any other room, you need to pay attention and make sure your interior has that minimalistic Nordic element.

If you take a closer look at Nikolai’s living room, you would see that it doesn’t have that many accessories. That is exactly why you need some beautiful wall art pieces on your wall.

Wall art is a great way to add substance and character to your living room without actually breaking that simplistic pattern in your space.

– Wood Means Long-Lasting Quality

Wooden furniture always adds a completely new layer to your living room space. It also has a lot of long-term benefits.

It is sustainable durable and easy to clean. Whether it is a chair, wooden floor, or some other wooden piece you need it in your interior.


If you look closely, the young prince’s balcony is something that you can implement in your home.

His terrace looks beautiful, with an Acapulco chair in the background, right next to a wooden desk. The main table is placed in front of them with beautiful plant decor and a couple of chairs around it.

When you pay attention to the arrangement of furniture pieces on the terrace, you can easily figure out that it has the same element implemented. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s simplicity.

Besides nailing down the aesthetics make sure that your terrace or balcony has a lot of space. Ideally, you should make sure that your terrace furniture is above all else comfortable.


High-end bedrooms are made to make you feel relaxed and rested. If you’re a prince then this factor becomes even more important.

Again there are some styling tips from Nikolai’s bedroom that we can implement on our own.
For starters color of your bedroom walls play a major role in the overall interior. Red is a major no-no as it can be hurtful to the eyes.
Try to go with more neutral colors like grey, white, and baby blue.

Ideally, you should have a nightstand next to your bed in case you want to read a book or turn the lights on and off, without getting out of the bed.

As it matters to the decorations you shouldn’t go overboard but wall art is always a good option.

In a nutshell what makes an interior high-end is defined only by style. With a couple of Scandinavian furniture pieces and decluttering you can achieve a royal-like standard. We think you should start today!